'Hardest Worker in the Room' Shirt Options

We have many different shirt options available for our next shirt; 'Hardest Worker in the Room'

WHEN YOU ORDER, IN THE 'NOTE' SECTION, please put which shirt option (Tee, Men's Tank, Women's Tank, or Long Sleeve Tee Hoodie), which color, and if you want your order delivered or will be picking it up at the gym. If you're having it shipped please include your address as well. 
(PLEASE NOTE: If you are having your order delivered, you must click the option "Plus $6 S&H")

Each shirt must be ordered individually. If you are ordering more than one shirt, they will be done separately. You will not be charged anything extra. Sorry for any inconvenience. We are still playing with the system. At the moment, this is our best option. Thank you for understanding.
If you are ordering more than one shirt and having them shipped to you, you only need to pay "plus $6 s&h" for one of the shirts. For the rest, use the regular shirt option

Logo on all shirts.. Hardest Worker in the Room (Front), 19125 Fitness - Earn Everything (Back)

All Tees, Tanks, and Long Sleeve Tee Hoodies are Triblend Material.

Tee Options - $20 ... Blue Steel (Top Left), Vintage Black (Top Middle), Cardinal Red (Top Right).

Men's Tank options - $20 (BOTTOM LEFT BOX)... Royal Blue (Top), Vintage Red (Bottom Left), Vintage Black (Bottom Right).

Women's Tanks options - $20 (Bottom Right Box)... Tahiti Blue (Top Left), Purple (Bottom Left), Vintage Black (Top Right), Red (Bottom Right).

Long Sleeve Tee Hoodie options - $25 ... Vintage Black (Left Side), Turquoise (Right Side).

(PLEASE NOTE: Hoodies will have the 'Hardest Worker in the Room' logo on the front, and the 19125 Fitness - Earn Everything on the back