On Saturday, December 2nd, around 9:15pm Bridesburg was stunned by a massive fire at The Post Office. The Post Office was totaled, and had to be torn down. Their next door neighbors Becky and Grace, still live next door. They aren’t currently living in their apartment, but they plan to go back. Most of their possessions ruined by smoke. A tragedy like this is tough at any time, but it’s devastating during the holidays. 

Bridesburg is a great community. One of the few neighborhoods in the area who look out for each other, and are almost like a family. We, at 19125 Fitness, are putting together a fundraiser to raise money for Becky and Grace. Proceeds of the fundraiser will go to them for whatever they need this holiday season. We are going to have a one workout fundraiser. The workout has not been made yet, but it will be something that everyone can do. The workout will cost $10 to do. It will be 12:00 long, and we will award the top 2 males, and the top 2 females prizes. 

Even if you do not plan on doing the workout, you can still come out and support the cause We also plan on having Bee Dub Designs put together a design for a ‘Bridesburg Unity’ Tee to sell, put together baskets to raffle off, 50-50s, and if anyone has any ideas we could do to help out Becky and Grace as much as possible. We are going to speak to our sponsors and see if they can come out as well.

Please feel free to share this with all of your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc, and let’s try to put together an event for Becky and Grace to help them in their trouble time.

Attention members, friends, and families of 19125 Fitness, LLC.. we will be having a fundraiser for the families that were affected by the fire in Bridesburg on Saturday night. The event will be Saturday December 16, at 10am. We are looking for donations to raffle off for our Chinese Auction. We are donating 2 memberships, and a fitness basket. We will be selling shirts, doing 50-50s, have food, and doing a workout. The workout details have been posted in the event page.


We will start taking sign ups this week for the workout. The cost to do the workout will be $10. We will have prizes for first and second places for men/women for whoever does the most reps . But it’s not about that. This is about coming together as a community, and showing what a little hard work can do in terms of helping a family. 

We are also going to a clothing drive for the other family that was involved in the fire. There were two people who were lived in that apartment, a mother and her 19 year old son. The son is a size medium, and wears a size 9.5 shoe. We will find out the mother’s size. We ask you to bring in clothes to help them this holiday season. Also, if anyone does a fundraiser, we will gladly donate memberships to raffle off for them as well. 

ANY HELP AT ALL WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. A fire is devastating at any time, but during the holidays it’s even worse. Thank you all in advance!!