Owner and Trainer
Donnie Welte

  • National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) Graduate
  • 500 hours Personal Training Program
  • 300 hours of classroom instruction
  • 100 hours Nutrition
  • 200 hours hands on gym time
  • CPR certified
  • NPTI Kettlebell Training Certificate
  • NPTI TRX Certified

Donnie Welte


"I started working out with Donnie about 2 years ago, I did it for myself because I wasn't happy with the way I looked. It was extremely hard for me bc I haven't been active in about 7 years. During my first work out I cried and wanted to quit, Donnie walked me out after my work out and made me promise I wouldn't quit, in return he told me he would never give up on me! We both kept up our end of the deal. I still work out with Donnie, and I still cry, I can't do everything perfectly but I have made so much progress. I've lost 55 pounds, I ran an 8K and I love lifting things up and putting them down!! I still have goals I would like to reach like losing 30 more pounds and being able to do one single pull up, I know if I stay committed I'll be able to hit these goals too. I am so grateful to Donnie he says I do the work but I know I wouldn't do it without him!" - Courtney
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"I am a 53 year old woman with many chronic illnesses. When I was younger I was very active –at the gym, social gatherings, loved life and myself. As we all encounter things in our life that sometimes set us back that is what happened. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus which is an over active immune system causing other problems to develop such as Arthritis which I developed. I began isolating myself, not exercising, poor eating habits and resorted to unhealthy lifestyle patterns. I was rushed to hospital with a” Stroke-like condition secondary to the Lupus and then with my knee surgeon telling me my knees were bone on bone but before I could get the surgery I needed to lose weight positive recovery and get to exercising cause my muscles were atrophied. WOW what an eye opener. I decided I needed to change. Started to change my diet and eliminated all unhealthy foods but did not starve myself. I lost the 54 pounds and had the knee surgery. I now wanted to exercise get myself in shape. I saw an ad for 19125 Bootcamp at Samuelson. I remember walking in the field seeing all these young people. I said to myself “what are you doing here? My answer to myself what do you have to lose if you don’t get yourself together your life. Don’t sell yourself short you are a fighter.” So I took the class and after spoke with the trainer Donnie Welte he was so genuine and so knowledgeable. Well, that was the start of my life changing journey. I am not going to say it is easy there are times I get frustrated with myself at times for not being perfect in my eyes. I begin to cry and Donnie takes the time to help me process these inner demons so they do not sabotage my success in this journey. I don’t know where I would be without Donnie. I hate to even think. Training with him has become part of my healthy lifestyle choices. He has truly saved my life and made me a better person inside and out. Thank you for always being there and for being in my corner and having my back!" - Francine
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"I started working out at 19125 in mid-December 2015. I had been working out on my own for about 5 years at that point but wasn't getting the results I wanted and didn't always have the motivation to hit the gym. I had hit a wall by the time I came to 19125 Fitness. Donnie provided direction I didn't have previously. He has classes that are constantly challenging you, programs designed to prevent you from plateauing and get the maximum results out of your time in the gym. The man is knowledgeable and takes great pride in guiding people toward their fitness goals. I was so confident in Donnie that I began bringing my son and daughter to the gym over the summer because I knew he could guide them well as beginners in the gym. Unfortunately I've never been good with taking progress photos, but I can see a huge difference in my physique and health over the last year from working with Donnie." - Jim
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"I started Working out at 19125 fitness less than a year ago and was introduced by one of my closest friend. I was coming back from a stress fracture from running and rhabdomyolysis from crossfit. I was scared to overdo it but I needed to condition my body to run my first marathon (that was a goal I had for the year). I remembered Donnie saying "go at your own pace and I will modify the workouts if necessary". It was so hard and I quickly noticed that I was improving in endurance. The classes are still hard but most importantly, fun 🙂. I became more comfortable with the movements as Donnie ensures that we are using proper form and the right amount of weight for our fitness level. Some days it was hard to get to the gym because of where I live but the workouts and the friendliness of the other clients make the drive worth it.I completed not one but 2 marathons in 2016. The first in July and the second in November. I shaved 30 minutes off my second marathon because the workouts made me stronger both mentally and physically. I can't wait to see what I will accomplish in 2017 and i am thrilled to be a part of 19125 Fitness."- Terry
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"I have played sports and been active my whole life. I stopped playing sports when I graduated college almost 8 😭 years ago. Since then, I have tried many things, planet fitness, kickboxing, running - but stuck with none. I got bored. It was the same thing ... everyday. I went to the grand opening at Donnie's new gym November 2015. I was inspired. I saw people who have been working out with him and had great results. I wanted that. I changed my mind of wanting to be "skinny" to wanting to be fit. I started going to 19125 Fitness soon after (December 2015). I started 2-3 times a week because I didn't want to set myself up to fail .... again. My initial goal was to have back muscles!! After only a few months, my passion for working out grew. It became such an important part of my life, especially while trying to set a good example for my children. Donnie is knowledgeable, motivating and pushes you to your limits. He knows what you are capable of and will not give up on you. The environment is empowering. The workouts diverse. The clientele inspiring. I look forward to seeing my morning workout crew everyday! I am so happy I decided to change my lifestyle and have Donnie by my side through the process!" - Jenn
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"I heard about 19125 Fitness from my friend Jen who had already been attending classes, and I had seen pictures of people participating in the classes on Facebook and Instagram. I have to admit, I was intimated mainly because I had never done group classes and I hate doing any type of cardio. After my first class, I was hooked. I was already in semi decent shape but I got my ass kicked (in a good way) and worked muscles I didn't even know I had! Donnie truly shows you what you are capable of and will push you to exceed what you thought were your limits. His classes are diverse, they are never boring, and Donnie's prime focus is making sure you're executing movements correctly and safely which will produce the best results. I want to stay fit and active because I have a demanding job and never want to become complacent. I continue to attend 19125 Fitness because of the motivation it gives me to work hard and try to inspire others because every person who I have met here, inspires me whether it be their weight loss goals, fitness goals or simply getting that extra rep the next class. I guarantee everyone in any class you take at 19125 Fitness has a different reason for working out and may be on different spectrums of their fitness capabilities but I promise you, if you set a goal, Donnie will be there to help you crush it." - Ashley
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"SAME DRESS. SAME SWEATER. SAME SMILE BUT DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME PERSON ANYMORE. After countless hospitalizations , a medically necessary hysterectomy and plenty of other issues my life quickly spiraled out of control. After the adoption of my little girl, we were at the playground and were walking together. I fell and fell hard. Holding her hand she fell too. The fall Wasn't the issue. My weight was. My weight caused her to fall harder. I cried myself to sleep and made a choice to change my life. I was never a really active kid , never worked out , and was always ashamed of my appearance. The main reason I refused to go to the gym was because I was embarrassed of what I look like. I wanted to lose weight before I went so I wasn't as embarrassed (silly right ?) anyhow my friend Jen introduced me to Donnies classes and his gym 19125 fitness. I took a class and the moment I walked in I was intimidated, as he demonstrated the workout I immediately said to myself, I can't do that ?? The truth is I WAS able to, I struggled but I did it & even surprised myself with a lot of the things I was able to do. I have cried , walked out , struggled and at times I'm unable to keep up with everyone else. But what matters to me is I show up , I work my ass off and I try my best. My results are coming along I have lost 40 pounds , I want to lose 60 more and have no doubt with Donnies guidance and coaching I will crush my goals. I'm not one to share pics normally but I've turned a leaf and want to reach the people like myself. The ones who think everyone at the gym is small, fit etc. these classes are for everyone including you. Push yourself to make a change and allow Donnie to lead you into a world of fitness safely, effectively and you will be so glad you did. I know I am. I look forward to every class , even the ones that I have my ass handed to me 😂" - Letitia
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